Pilates Classes

Deep Core Pilates

Targeting those hard to engage core muscles to develop a stronger body. This class will challenge your core and stability by incorporating props such as balls, foam rollers and disks.

Tone Pilates

Tone and sculpt your arms, legs and back by incorporating small weights and bands combined with traditional Pilates exercises. Being rooted in traditional Pilates, this class will also strengthen your core.

Fundamental Pilates

This slower paced class focusing on Pilates basics is ideal for beginners or people looking for a low intensity workout. Pilates classes incorporate a traditional philosophy with a modern approach using props and creativity. These classes will focus on sculpting, strengthening and flexibility of your entire body.

Fusion Pilates & Yoga

Combining elements of Pilates and yoga together in a single class. Incorporating Yoga poses such as planks & lunges and sequences along with Pilates exercise combinations will be sure to challenge students and provide a diverse workout.


bodyART is an intense holistic, functional and total mind and body workout which combines strength, flexibility, cardio and breathing. bodyART training creates a dynamic link between - active and passive movement as well as the effects of tension and release.

Cardio Core

This class starts with a 30 minute cardio work-out to lift your heart rate followed by mix of Pilates and strength training. The class will end with a well-deserved stretch session leaving you invigorated.


Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates is a choreographed workout sure to challenge your cardio and your fitness. This physical workout will compliment both mat and reformer classes as it will use Pilates fundamentals and combine with elements of dance to create and engaging and fun workout.


This class will combine traditional TRX and Pilates to create a class that builds core strength, builds muscle tone and endurance. By using the added elements of body weight & gravity the class will go farther in developing core stability, muscle tone and flexibility. This class can accommodate a variety of skill levels from beginner to advanced.