MeditationCombine your mind body and spirit through physical exercise. Yoga enhances your muscular strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and blood circulation while cleansing the body of unwanted toxins. All of our classes are tailored to all levels of experience. A typical yoga session includes “Sun Salutations” which warms up the body, followed by a series and standing and seated poses, and end with a reward of “Savasana”, a complete relaxation pose.



Flow Yoga

Feel challenged with each class as you develop strength, balance and flexibility. An athletic & physical based class rooted in Ashtanga Yoga, this class will flow through poses combining breath with movement.

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Gentle Yoga

Deepen the breath, stretch, relax and refresh, in this easy-to-follow Hatha class. You will discover how to move your body safely in and out of poses and how to connect your breath with your body, enabling you to move deeper into your practice. This class will be a slower paced class focused on fundamentals and variations can be provided to more experienced students..

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Fusion Pilates Yoga

Combining elements of Pilates and yoga together in a single class. Incorporating Yoga poses such as planks & lunges and sequences along with Pilates exercise combinations will be sure to challenge students and provide a diverse workout.

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Pre-Natal Yoga

This class is ideal for expecting mothers looking to maintain their fitness during pregnancy.


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Ashtanga Full Primary Series

You will be led through the entire first series of Ashtanga yoga which is a fast paced, well rounded asana practice that promotes over all physical healing, balance, strength and discipline. Expect to sweat and be challenged in this practice and look forward to plenty of physical adjustments if desired. Some experience with yoga recommended. (Intermediate/Advanced)

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Ying Yang Yoga

30 minutes of Ashtanga yoga focusing on strength, endurance and alignment, followed by 30 minutes of Yin postures which are long held passive stretches allowing for deep physical muscular and fascial release and inner clarity and calmness. (All levels)


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