As the founder of Serendipity Yoga and Pilates (SYP), Meaghan puts her heart and soul into the studio. The opening of SYP was the culmination of a lot of hard work and her passion for helping others. Meaghan began practicing Yoga and Pilates after she retired from competitive figure skating. Looking for a spiritual and physical outlet, you could say that Yoga and Pilates found her and it was a perfect fit. Soon after, she received her certification in Pilates and Reformer at Second Wind in 2007. While working full time at Second Wind She received her yoga training through Downward dog Yoga Centre in Toronto . 
SYP Master Instructor

Vanessa is “in her element” when working with bodies. In her gentle and positive manner Vanessa has helped hundreds of people improve their quality of life. A full-time pilates instructor for over 10 years, she is fully certified in the Stott and Body Harmonics methods and has become an authority on movement and bio-mechanics.Vanessa gains tremendous satisfaction in seeing clients reach their fitness goals. Those clients include people recovering from an injury or ailment through a customized, rehab-designed program; those wishing to reach or maintain fitness by incorporating pilates into their lives; and athletes aiming to improve core strength or gain awareness of deeper muscle functions.

A continuous learner, she has taken countless classes and workshops and enjoys discovering new workout styles. She finds her network of trainers invaluable and credits her colleagues at Serendipity Yoga & Pilates, in particular, for being a constant source of learning, fun and inspiration.

In her spare time, Vanessa loves to dance and rollerskate and practices what she preaches: “Try different things and just keep moving.”

SYP Master Instructor



Stacy is a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, and has been practicing Pilates since 2005. Stacy has always enjoyed challenging her body and after gymnastics Pilates seemed to be a perfect outlet for that physical challenge. It wasn’t until after experiencing first-hand the benefits of mindful movement and control that her pastime turned into a career. Stacy enjoys working with clients of all skill levels, and always provides a safe, challenging, and fun class.

Stacy is also a certified Barre-None instructor and Zenga instructor through STOTT Pilates, and is completing her Ashtanga Teacher Training in Spring 2014.

SYP Master Instructor

Neve recently graduated from University of Toronto with a degree in Physical Education & Health. Neve has been involved in an active lifestyle for many years and has been trained in ballet, swimming and tennis. With movement-based activities being a part of Neve’s childhood, Pilates seemed to fit perfectly into her life and career choice. Neve is currently completing her full certification at STOTT Pilates Studios in Toronto. She is truly passionate about Pilates and believes that by instilling the principles of Pilates during class, we are instilling life-changing benefits as well. In an hour-long class, Neve’s focus is on breathing, concentrating, becoming centered and finding control, which are all valuable life lessons that she believes can transfer into ones life outside of class.
SYP Master Instructor
Holly has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching since 2011. She is trained in Hatha, Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga, as well as Pilates Mat and Reformer, and Thai Massage.  Holly believes that Yoga and Pilates are the perfect ingredients to achieve an ideal balance of strength and flexibility; key to warding off disease, preventing injury and maintaining happiness and freedom within the body. Holly’s classes are light hearted, challenging, and focus on finding unity of mind, body, and breath.
Shareen is a yoga instructor, yoga teacher trainer and Pilates mat & reformer instructor. Coming from a background of dance training, classical Pilates and competitive swimming, her style of teaching is a balanced fusion of creative sequencing, enjoyment of movement, anatomical correctness and athletic precision. Shareen has studied Ashtanga yoga in Indonesia, India and North American with some of the world’s best teachers. Her pilates mat and reformer training was taken with Stott Pilates. She holds honours degrees from U of T, is a certified Thai yoga massage therapist and is a level 2 nationally certified competitive swim coach. You can expect to have fun, learn a lot and get a great work out in Shareen’s class!
Carolyn Purvis is triple threat performer and avid believer in physical exercise. She grew up dancing at her local studio and is a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto. It was during her time there she fell in love with Pilates as a way of developing a mind body connection and staying conditioned. Sharing her love of the practise by teaching was the next obvious step. Carolyn is a certified Fitness Instructor Specialist with CanFit Pro and is currently completing her Pilates Mat Foundation with Meaghan O'Neill at Serendipity Yoga and Pilates. When Carolyn isn't in the studio, you will most likely find her hanging out on a TRX or singing her way through the more ordinary parts of the day.
Justine is an experienced instructor with over 7 years in Pilates instructing after being initially certified at Michael King's Pilates Institute in London. She continues to teach at all levels, from the athlete to the elderly. She had a very active youth as a runner, gymnast and high jumper, but suffered from periodic back spasms where she was unable to stand. Through Pilates, Justine learned to stand, breathe and move with more intention, which in itself gave her a back pain free life! She is passionate to share her passion for Pilates through her classes focusing on breath & posture while building strength and flexibility in the body.
From the moment she first stepped on her yoga mat, Lorraine knew she had discovered something incredibly special. As a former dancer yoga provided her with the physical activity she craved the inner peace she was hoping to find. Over the past 17 years of practicing she found her true passion in Ashtanga: a style of yoga which combines classical Hatha movement in a fluid, almost dance-like fashion. In her classes, Lorraine strives to help students achieve a balance of fluidity and strength. She believes that everyone and anyone can reap the amazing physical and mental benefits of yoga through quality instruction. Wen not on the mat, Lorraine can be found raising her two young daughters, swinging a kettlebell, gardening, playing outdoors, reading, or woodworking with her partner.
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